We all know quality is important, that’s why we’ve introduced a brand new range of BLACKRIDGE air tools. Tough and rugged, they are a must for every workshop.

This range also includes a great selection of spray guns and surface preparation tools such as sanders and cleaning guns.

Here are just a few of the great new tools available from BLACKRIDGE:

Power File

The 180 degree swivelling arm lets you get into the smallest spots and is the perfect tool for quick and efficient sanding.



For rough sanding jobs such as preparing surfaces for base coats, the sander is a great choice.

It’s also useful for removing body filler, rough shaping and smoothing out flat and contoured surfaces.


Sand Blaster Kit

For heavy sanding on metal, you’ll need a sand blaster. The blaster will quickly remove rust and scale from metal surfaces quickly and safely.


Spray Guns

For the perfect coat of paint, look no further than BLACKRIDGE’s range of spray guns.

They Come in a variety of styles and functions from touch up to heavy duty and suction to gravity fed.